Bike Hack – How to Build an Electric Bike! (or Trike Is it?)

I have to say that although I’ve seen slew of electric bikes on the market these days, this homemade electric trike is probably the one I would want to get or build at the least.

Check out the video, this thing ROCKS:


It looks pretty simple enough to build as you can see above with 2 batteries, fuse, switches, bunch of wires, and what looks like a control unit of some sort for the motors.

Here’s the parts list:

This part of the project was a strange mixture of quality and last minute bodging.

– I used two 12v 32amp batteries
– A 75amp 24V speed controller made by 4QD in England- quite pricey but really reliable
– 5 LED battery condition meter
– Plunger pot for throttle
– Lots of cable
– Connectors for batteries
– Two 24v 300W DC motors

and the DIY Page here

via hackedgadgets

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  1. samsmeg says:

    Hi there,

    I am the designer/creator in which I posted the video and Instructable. I am really enthused about all the interest and the fact it has been embedded here!

    The costs roughly as I vaguely remember:
    Batteries: £40 each
    Motors: £25 each
    Speed control: £80
    Wiring: £20
    10″ rear wheels: £10 each
    Various bearings bolts and fixings: £20
    Box section mild steel frame- found lengths of it at school
    BMX front end I already had

    Here is the Instructable:

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