Apple Store Hit 500 Million Downloads but 3G is Still Too Slow!

Yey, Apple has hit their 500 million app downloads!  Well, I am honestly happy about my iPod Touch since it doesn’t use AT&T’s slow 3G network but come on guys, Apple has really been ripping off us consumers ever since the invention of iPods.  (When I first started using iPods and found that you couldn’t transfer a regular MP3 file into it, I knew something was up.)

Of course, I am happy and sad at the same time here just because iPhone is such a ripoff with its super-slow 3G network.  Other than AT&T, I’d be very happy with the iPhone but what a deceptive advertising it is.

A lot of you won’t agree with me but bear with me and imagine you are an engineer and marketer who can see through Apple’s evil cash-flow plan.

What Apple did that pisses me and others off:

1. Make iPods and iPhones use proprietary music transfer software so people will have to buy music from the Apple Store.

2. Apple went with AT&T, formerly Cingular, the network I found to be the slowest ever for mobile internet.

3. More deceptive advertising that make iPhones “faster” than it is.

4. Grab a whole bunch more Apple loyalists through their deceptive marketing and “Make Believe”.

Now, if Apple can fix those things, I am right on the Apple bandwagon but so far, MISERABLE FAILURE.

Great designs, great products, but bad execution.

Heck, Apple won’t change because they are making more money doing the way they are doing but at least I know what “should” be done.

Here, I will leave you with these question you can answer: (or ponder about)

Why does Apple have to use proprietary software?

Why can’t I simply copy over my MP3s and AVIs to my iPod and iPod Touch?  (Of course, there’s free software out there that can do that but it should come with the iPod as default and that’s my point.  People shouldn’t have to jailbreak iPhones just to download some free software, music and whatnot.)

Why is iPhone not available for Sprint or Verizon, where speeds are blazingly faster.  (and everyone who’s slightly mobile smart knows AT&T is really really slow.)

(Probably because they want to make ridiculous amounts of money but that’s killing their sales of iPhones to smart consumers like me)

(Oh pleez haters, take your comments elsewhere, you will be IP banned before you know it.)

2 Responses to Apple Store Hit 500 Million Downloads but 3G is Still Too Slow!

  1. Apple has indeed gone to great lengths to secure their little monopoly. Thankfully there are hacks available to allow the transfer of regular MP3’s onto the iPod, now we’ll have to see what goes with the 3G service. Some things will never change, i suppose….

  2. max says:

    I have seen that transfer program too, but it’s definitely a little monopoly I think that’s going a little too far yet most consumers don’t know what’s happening to them. (I guess great marketing by Apple)

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