Circuit City Liquidation!

The long time consumer electronics goliath Circuit City is finally going through liquidation.  It seems odd that such a big retailer could go down.  Perhaps it’s due to their lack of computers/laptops, which I’d never though of buying at Circuit City anyways.

I think their failure can be summed to their branding and associations with TVs and stereo more than computers and laptops.  Well, I am no retail expert but it’s sad to them go.

Now that details are starting to flow in, we’re told that it will liquidate 567 of its US stores after failing to secure a buyer or refinancing deal. For those who care, Great American Group LLC, Hudson Capital Partners LLC, SB Capital Group LLC and Tiger Capital Group LLC have been chosen as liquidators.

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2 Responses to Circuit City Liquidation!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    All businesses go through a sigmoid curve. When at the right time, a new curve is not started, this is what happens.

  2. max says:

    Yes, I am also hearing that this liquidation sale might be a spoof for Circuit City and free advertising but they will probably go down at this rate.

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