Laptop Roundup from Laptop Pimp Blog!

Here’s a roundup of interesting laptops from our Laptop Pimp Blog this week:

Looks like Toshiba and Sun are working on OpenSolaris laptops, a good thing for open source.  If you want to check out luxury handbags, you should really check out our BagWhiz blog but here’s a fashionable bag if you want to carry a laptop in it.

If you still don’t use a laptop stand/cooler, I highly suggest you to use one, Belkin has a new one here too.

Makers of the Swiss Knife has released their own laptop bag, so check it out and more laptop bags here.

I am wondering if I have any old laptops that might need this new Cisco wi-fi but I think they are all dead.

Last but not least, check out this nifty laptop stand for wireless keyboarding and something to keep your laptop in and sleep on.

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