Top 10 Re-cap of Green Technology!

Well, there’s been a LOT going on in the world making our technology more green and here’s a slew of green technology you will love that I handpicked from our green blog Keetsa:

Wishbone Bike is a green bike that can be adjusted for 2 different heights, perfect for your toddler.

Turn your rainwater into usable water with these new rain barrel recovery kits, a great idea for the environment.

Iran gets its first ever solar plant, why didn’t someone think of this before?   They must be making more energy with sun than most other countries.

Samsung F628 is the official greenest cellphone in the world.  Apple, can you do that please?

Minipak is the new “hydrogen”-powered gadget charger, a great idea just in time.
Here’s more:
Solar Powered Sunglass charger is a great idea that might really take off if it goes commercial.
Make Love, Not Carbon Eco-totes available now.
You HAVE to see where the world’s largest solar farm will be.
Poop power is always a great idea for re-using your own excess.
Portable kitchen sink?  Wow, these would be awesome for outdoor BBQ at the park!
Well, there’s tons more but you can check out the green blog yourself if you need to feed your mind with more green daily.

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