Top 10 Interesting Bed Gadgets and Tech!

Well, there’s been a LOT of interesting BED gadgets, DIYs, and technology over at our bed blog, here’s the Top 10 posts I handpicked for y’all:

Are you kidding me?  No, you can have a Tetris wall, change it daily so you don’t get bored.

Learn how to make your own detergent, save money and the environment.  Kill Feed 2 birds with 1 worm. :p

Bird’s Nest sofa is very interesting… I want one now.

This Japanese-designed modular bench can be customized to fit any type of surface requirements.  Where’s IKEA, hello?  We’d like to get one please.

Obama IKEA Theme?  Are you kidding me?  I like Obama but I think this is a little too much.  (but fun to laugh at)

Here’s a couple more items for your pleasure:

The Terrorist Tea Pot is probably a bad name to choose for any product.

Meguro, 2008

The CHOPSTICK doorstopper idea ROCKS!!!

Learn how to build your own computer desk from scratch here.

Motorized and concealed murphy beds are the murphy beds of the future.

Finally but not least, the magic chair rocks too!

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