GiiNii MoveIt Mini – iPod Killer?


GiiNii, one of the companies I do blog consulting, has launched its GiiNii MoveIt Mini at the CES 2009 this year.  Of course, this thing does look pretty tight at only $150.   With a much bigger screen than an iPod, I am looking forward to getting hands on one of these soon.  What I like is the really big screen.  Honestly, I can’t really use my iPod Touch much due to the fact that screen is so s m a l l and typing is just a simple pain in the as*.

I think GiiNii is on the right track as far as having more competitive products to Apple’s iPod.  I am sure there’s a bunch more we will cover soon but this one does really remind me of something in between a Chumby and an iPod.

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2 Responses to GiiNii MoveIt Mini – iPod Killer?

  1. The GiiNii looks pretty cool. When will it ne launched? It’s well priced too.

  2. Sorry for the double post, just left out one point. I think it’s better to just opt for a mobile phone with all these features instead of having multiple gadgets which their monetary value will amount to a whole lot more. I’m waiting for the Nokia N97 which has all the above features and more. It has 32 GB onboard memory that is extendeable by a 16 GB memory card, giving you a total of 48 GB memory. It has a huge touch screen, a very web capable browser with widget support and customization, video streaming capabilities on all platforms, 5 mega pixel camera, 3G calling, and a QWERTY keyboard.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather invest in one gadget that has all the features I need than in multi gadgets. Saves money and space. 😉

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