I lost my Car Keys!

Well, I lost my car keys last night and had a tough time inventing my own coathanger door opener without success but I did write some blog posts:

WhiteBoard Idea – How to Make a Website!

How to Scoop Icecream with Chinese Spoon!

Wii Remote Hacks by Johnny Lee (This guy is amazing, I wanna go make that Whiteboard now.)

The good news is that when I lose keys, it’s a good sign something is doing well.  I locked out of my apartment the first day I moved in and I locked myself out of my new office on the first day too.  Ironic how i can do that.

One Response to I lost my Car Keys!

  1. Zohair says:

    Hi, I’m the founder of a company that’s trying to make the world’s best whiteboard software: Dabbleboard. Several users have reported to us about using the Wiimote whiteboard with Dabbleboard. The two together offer a powerful and intuitive whiteboard experience at the cost of -well- just the Wiimote and a little elbow grease I guess. I hope you’ll give it a spin, and I’ll be thrilled if you had any feedback for us.

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