Hydroponic DIY – How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box!

I am not to sure what types of plants you could grow using this cool DIY LED Plant growing box but it sure is safer than using halogen lamps and burning down your whole house.

I am going to test it out on some guinea pig plants now and if I start seeing tall spindly growth I can easily switch out the current while LEDs with some ultra bright blue LEDs by simply pulling out the socket, swap out old LED (save some other project), replace with new LED, trim excess terminal wire, and push back into the socket.  Below is my proof of concept for this as long as the voltage/amperage is the same the circuit will continue to work, below is my proof of concept.

via hackedgadgets

2 Responses to Hydroponic DIY – How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box!

  1. Awesome! Simply Awesome! I’m a bit of a Hydroponics nut and I love this!

  2. max says:

    Great, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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