in the works, need beta testers!

Well, I have been messing around with more web software (as usual).  Last year, I made SiteHoppin, which is a complete hack job of open source MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.

This year, (actually just last night) I am messing with WordPress MU and BuddyPress, both which combined gives you some sort of blogging social network.

Anyways, I need some beta testers to work out kinks and feedback on what users want.

If you need a free blog, you can make a blog over here at for free.  Yes, also if you make a blog at FriiBlog, you will get all the WordPress plugins I use.  (basically you get on the inside of what I use… hint hint)

I am even thinking of porting my whole blog network over to WordPress MU and let people make their own blogs too… well…

Check out FriiBlog today, FRii blogs for FREE PEOPLE!

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