Drink Recipe DIY – How to Make New Years Drinks!

It’s that special time of the year and you will need to definitely try any one of these drink recipes for New Years instead of filling your beer-gut with more beer.

CDKitchen has some great New Years punch recipes.

iDrink.com has a list of New Years drink recipes voted by its members so you only get the good ones.

SofAKingDrunk.com has a nice list of New Years drink recipes.

GreenHome.Huddler.com has a “green” list of New Year drink recipes.  Save earth and get drunk!

WhatToDrink has a great selection of martini New Years drinks.

Well, I hope you enjoy the New Years, and if you are going to get drunk, don’t drive! 🙂

4 Responses to Drink Recipe DIY – How to Make New Years Drinks!

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  2. Nicole Price says:

    Wow! There I was under the impression that you were only a foodie! Nice to know that you are as normal as all of us are!

  3. Pete says:

    These are great tips for finding drink recipes. I’ve also been looking for deals on the alcohol that goes into these, and have only found one good one so far. Has anyone been able to find other deals on booze this year?

    The deal I found was for Cook’s Champagne – not the high-class stuff some people may want, but great for mixing. http://www.redplum.com/Promos/CooksVerifyAge.aspx?id=14505164

  4. Nice tips. Had a few questions that I needed answers on::
    What’s a good pre-dinner cocktail?
    Where can I find Ice Wine? What’s a great romantic cocktail?
    What are some unique cocktails I can serve at brunch?

    Thanks Paul

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