New Years 2009 Resolution – Use Greener Gadgets!

Well, for the year 2009, one of my new years resolution is to use greener gadgets or in other words, stuff that can make our earth better.

Here’s a list of greener gadgets you might want to consider for the next year:

For personal use:

Have an iPhone?  Don’t forget to get one of these solar iPhone chargers that doubles as protection too.

I am sure you’ve probably seen this Solio solar charger before, it can power your PDA, iPod, MP3, and other small gadgets whereever you go and fits in your pocket.

Here’s a solar battery charger that I am sure “everyone” can take advantage of.  Replace all your akaline batteries with earth-friendly solar Ni-Cd batteries.  I will personally get this one myself and save some extra watts for mother nature next year.

Do you use a lot of public transportation to get to and from work?  Well, you definitely need to think about upgrading your laptop bag for this solar backpack which will charge your gadgets while on the go.  For high-class, check this solar backpack out too.

For once in your lifetime, buy an eco-friendly MP3/video player from eMotion, not iPod, it’s much cheaper too.

If you don’t really listen to MP3s but listen to radio AM/FM all day long, this solar radio might be just for your next year’s greener New Year’s resolution.

Are you one of those folks with who “still” talk on the cellphone while driving?  Take my advice and stick this solar bluetooth hands-free kit for your car, you will save a bunch of money on tickets plus energy.

I highly recommend not driving too fast on the highway but if you own a sports car, you will get pulled over more often than you’d like.  Get a solar radar detector and tell the officer that at least you are saving energy if you do get pulled over. (I am sure the judge will understand it too)

For Home Improvement:

Try Malibu Solar Powered Metal Tier Light Kit w/ Remote Panel from Amazon.  These solar outdoor lights are great since the solar panel is separated from the lights themselves and won’t look awkward like some of those solar lights you see at Home Depot.

The Solar Vent is great for any RVs, cars, and any small storage rooms where there’s a lot of heat and humidity.  Vent out some air free using couple of these nifty solar vents.

Do you have a floodlight that uses your PG&E electricity?  Well, get rid of it (sell it on eBay) and replace it with this solar floodlight that will keep saving you money in the long run plus save the precious earth.

This awesome waterproof solar panel can provide a good amount of 12V DC power to any of your garden gadgets.  Get one and stick it right outside your garage.  Heck, it probably can re-charge your car battery too.

For emergencies:

If you live in an area where a god-struck emergency can happen (such as hurricanes and earthquakes), make sure you are equippred with green gadget such as this crank-powered radio/flashlight.  You never know when that once-in-a-lifetime earthquake will hit you but better to be ready than sorry.

Well, you get the idea.  Next year you buy a gadget, see if there’s an eco-friendly alternative before you enter your credit card information.

Here’s a couple more ideas from our green blog:

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  2. Great list of green gadgets. Hopefully there will be a more green gadgets in this upcoming year.

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