Health DIY – How to Lose Weight in Year 2009 after your New Years Resolution!

Well, since I am a pretty fit guy no matter how difficult or busy my life seem to get, let me share some of the secrets in losing weight or keeping fit for the year 2009.

Here’s my secret:

1. Don’t eat cookies or things with lots of sugar. This is something real simple but for some people, it takes a lot of guts and self-control.  If you cannot control yourself, try meditating, yoga, or something that will help you control your cravings.   Remember, you cannot lose weight if you eat too much candy, it’s simple as that.

2. Work out at least 3 times a week. This advice probably is way too-overused but it’s true.  If you can get yourself to do some physical activity (whether that’s working out or hitting golf balls for an hour), it’s going to help you stay healthy while shedding some pounds.

You need to find some kind of physical activity you love to do whether that’s golf, skateboard, snowboard, etc…etc… I am sure you can fall in love with some kind of sport.  If not, there’s always Wii.

3. Don’t watch TV. I don’t watch much TV simply because information travels much faster on the internet and to me, TV is old news.  Watching TV makes you lazy and a couch potato.  If you want to lose weight, stop watching TV, at least until you shed some.

4. Eat less, more often.  If you are one of those people who must eat big meals, try eating slightly less at every meal.  Eventually, you will be able to eat less but more often so your stomach can digest the food faster, efficiently.  Now, I didn’t say eat less and less often, eat less and more often.  If you diet, that’s no good way to lose weight.  You simply need to control amount of calories you intake versus amount of calories you use.  If you can control that flow, you will lose weight.

5. Drink more fluids. Yes, drink a lot of water.  Water keeps your body hydrated, blood flowing more, and in turn burns more calories. (believe it or not)

6. Sleep at regular schedules. A lot of people sleep too late and wake up too early.  Don’t do that, that’s only putting stress on your body.  When you put stress on your body, it will get mad at you and give you FAT.

Try to stick with the natural rhythm of nature.  Animals go to sleep at sunset and get up early at sunrise.

Just remember, if you want to be successful or rich in life, “Early Bird Eats the Worm“.  And this advice works with your weight and health too.  I’ve never really seen anyone successful who’s lazy.  I am sure you haven’t seen lazy people ever become succesful.

There you have it, I am 180 pounds, well-fit for about all of my life.  Although I do admit to getting fat at times but I have never “weighed” more than 185 pounds in my entire life, partly due to the fact that I move fast and am always busy such as writing this blog post, working out, playing golf, doing kickflips on my skateboard, walking the dog, cleaning dishes, cleaning my kitchen, taking out garbage, cleaning my desk, kicking ass, swimming, playing basketball, jogging around Lake Merced, racing in my bike, …. you get the idea.  DON’T SIT AROUND, DON’T THINK LIFE WILL COME TO YOU, YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE SHI* OUT OF LIFE, DON’T LET IT BEAT YOU.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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  1. A great post Thank’s.. Happy New Year!

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