Blog DIY – How to Increase your Adsense Revenue by 25% using Chitika Premium!

Well, today I am going to do a quick blog DIY on how to increase your revenue by 25% by adding Chitika Premium ads to your blog/website.

Of course, this increase is in comparison to how much you might already be making with Google Adsense ads.

One of the most important things bloggers forget is that making money with Adsense or Chitika, is all about ad placement.    Where you place your ads on your site could make a difference of making $100/month or $500 to $1000/month. That’s right, when you optimize your ad placements, you can make 5-10 times more.

Anyways, I will tell you right off the bat that if you are going to increase your Adsense revenue by 25% or more, you need to do the following:

1. Use 550×120 size, if it doesn’t fit in your website, try to use the next biggest, widest size available.

2. Place 1 ad before your content and 1 ad after your content.  For correct placement along with AdSense, please refer to the Adsense/Chitika HeatMap I made here.

That’s it.  The best part about the Chitika Premium ads is that they only show up on your “search” traffic so they are practically invisible to your regular readers.  (Talk about really invisible ads…  Of course, you can also do this with Adsense too by adding some PHP code, if anyone wants it, I can do another blog post on it, just let me know.)

Now, do you want to make even more money with Chitika Premium?

Well, Chitika has been testing these “tabless” ads, all you have to do is add the following code within your Chitika Javascript code:

ch_noborders = 1;

Now, you will also have to contact Chitika to activate this tabless feature as it’s invitation-only but I found this simple trick will increase your Chitika revenue by an additional 10-25%.  (You can find more information on this hack here.)

If you are only using Adsense right now, try Chitika Premium ads by signing up here.

I’ve been also re-building my business blog, (so not to bombard my regular tech readers on how to make money on this blog) check it out here.  I am actually in the process of writing a book called, “search”, and will include all the G.I.M. (Guerilla Internet Marketing) strategies you will need to take your blog/website to the next level.

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