DIY Computer in a Briefcase

Check out this computer in a briefcase.  It seems like a great idea for building your own rugged laptop for rugged work.

The next step will be to install my device programmer so it just shows a socket and indicator, and some black paint on the monitor brackets. The monitor is safely behind a piece of Lexan but it’s hard to see. The reason for this project is that I dual boot, which is easier from 2 seperate drives, and I need a third drive to use for storage of gigs and gigs of schematics. The drive in the middle was to be my windows drive but I found it had given up the ghost so a new WD3200 lives there now. The whole thing sends a little warm air out the back but nothing gets hot.

via hackedgadgets

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  1. Paul says:

    hey guys nice idea , i had that done a few years ago it was really fun to work with in
    a movie xD

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