Zedomax Search WordPress Theme v.0.3 Released!

Well, I am proud to announce that I have updated some stuff and Zedomax Search WordPress Theme v.0.3 has been released for free downloads.

I haved fixed some weird IE6 CSS bugs plus added capability for you to add Digg-style voting plugin and Page Number plugin.
(Basically, the coding has been done transparently so all you have to do is activate the plugins.  If you don’t use the plugins, they won’t mess up the theme either)

Here’s the supported plugins:

WP Page numbers – This plugin allows you to use page numbers instead of WordPress default “Newer/Older Posts”

WP Post ratings – This plugin allows your blog posts to be voted, similar to Digg.

I will be adding more support for more plugins later down the road so hope you enjoy the free WordPress theme and I am also writing a book called “Search” so watch out for that too. 🙂

Boy, do I love giving back to the WordPress open-source community.  (Next up is SiteHoppin, a MediaWiki based site that will be open sourced.)

Happy WordPressin’~

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