Blog DIY – How to Make a WordPress Blog in 2 Hours!

Well, I started writing a DIY on how to make a WordPress Blog over at my Ad Optimization blog and it got rather long.  But I do tell you how to make a WordPress blog with all the bells and whistles in just 2 hours and also what “skills” you’d need to do it that fast.

If you are thinking about designing blogs for a living, this will definitely of great help in getting things done faster.

Here’s an excerpt:

1. I go to and register domain.  As soon as I register, I point the DNS to one of my dedicated servers.  As long as you set the IP within 5 minute time frame, your domain will be live in less than 5 minutes.  I find that GoDaddy is the best domain company out there today and part of the reason I can do this fast is that their systems run fast too.  (Don’t use Network Solutions btw, they are one of the worst I’ve used)

Time to do this for me: 10 minutes

2. I SSH2 into my dedicated server, download the latest WordPress software, load all the plugins, activate the blog, do various setup for the blog.

Time to do this for me: 15 minutes

3. I load one of my blog themes and customize the CSS layout and colors.

Time to do this for me: 15 minutes

4. Design a logo, favicons on Photoshop, load it onto the blog as quickly as I can.

Time to do this for me: 30 minutes

5. Do 5 blog posts.

Time to do this for me: 30 minutes

Well, that’s total of 1 hour and 40 minutes to setup a brand new blog with a brand new design.

2 Responses to Blog DIY – How to Make a WordPress Blog in 2 Hours!

  1. Hi Max,

    I work for Network Solutions and I am hoping we can get feedback from you that will help us improve our products and change your mind about our hosting.


    Shashi Bellamkonda

  2. max says:

    I called your company about 8 months ago to cancel private registration only and the woman I talked to (I believe her name was Jennifer or something like that) told me she would.
    I made it clear about 2-3 times before hanging up the phone. I believe it was in retaliation to my phone call or something but that should NEVER HAPPEN.

    1 week later, I found that my domain was CANCELLED along with my private registration.

    Now, I am busy guy, I don’t call twice and I am not here to tell you how to run your business but what happened was either discriminate or simply really dumb.

    If you will please fire that woman for me, I will be very happy indeed.

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