SiteHoppin Offers Better Click-Through-Ratio over Entrecard and Spottt!


Here’s a little explanation of why you should use a SiteHoppin Widget over Entrecard and Spottt.  SiteHoppin offers the best exchange ratio on the market today, drop Entrecard/Spottt and start using the best widget system on the internet today.

In short, SiteHoppin offers 1:1 exchange ratio, meaning we send you 1 unique visitor per 1 unique visitor you send us using the SiteHoppin widgets.

In comparison, Spottt offer 2:1 exchange ratio, meaning you only get 1 visitor per 2 visitors you send them.  (Plus, Spottt doesn’t have a unique visitor system, they use “impressions” meaning their system can easily be gamed.  Our SiteHoppin system, on the other hand, uses fraud-detection algorithm to keep track of “unique” visitors.)

As for comparing to Entrecard, SiteHoppin widgets let you “Set It and Forget It”, just like Ronco’s chicken machine.  (You don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time dropping meaningless Entrecards.  We let you focus on blogging so you don’t need to drop.)

Drop Entrecard/Spottt and start using SiteHoppin Widgets.

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