Cellphone Jammer Car Key Developed!

Here’s some fun news about a car key that can jam all cellphone signals while your car ignition is on.  This would be great for beginners and teenagers who haven’t mastered the art of driving.

Of course, it’d be a lot of fun if you could simply use this jammer to jam every cellphone call whereever you go such as the library or bookstore when you don’t want to be bothered with extra sounds.

Dec. 11, 2008 – University of Utah researchers have developed an automobile ignition key that prevents teenagers from talking on cell phones or sending text messages while driving.

The university has obtained provisional patents and licensed the invention – Key2SafeDriving – to a private company that hopes to see it on the market within six months at a cost of less than $50 per key plus a yet-undetermined monthly service fee.

“The key to safe driving is to avoid distraction,” says Xuesong Zhou, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering who co-invented the system with Wally Curry, a University of Utah graduate now practicing medicine in Hays, Kan. “We want to provide a simple, cost-effective solution to improve driving safety.”

via engadget

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