The folding gun that fits in your pocket

I just saw this video linked to in the Reddit videos subreddit, and I thought it was too ridiculous not to share.

Why you would need a machine gun while walking the dog is beyond me. But the fact that it can fold up into your pocket is eitehr awesome or the freakiest thing ever… not sure which one yet.

Check it out.

3 Responses to The folding gun that fits in your pocket

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Wow! What a concept! I hope that they manufacture and market it too. Pity if they do not.

  2. Free brushes says:

    I hope they won’t manufacture it, terrorists will come in trains and planes with that easily

  3. Howard says:

    trying to find out something about the gun. The trigger folds parrallel to the barrel then the whole gun folds into a decorative pewter or siuolver grip. About 4 in.x2 in.

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