SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

One of my greatest websites I ever made (and hard-coded all myself) using MediaWiki open-source as base platform is

SiteHoppin has been re-launched as a domain search engine.  Basically, it’s like Digg but we only store your URL infomation, no content whatsoever other than previews under iFrames.

You can also submit your blog/website URLs as they will get indexed by Google and other search engines much quicker.

Due to time constraints and the fact that SiteHoppin wasn’t generating any revenue, I had to put the project on hold while I took the time to rejuvenate all the blogs in our Zedomax Blog Network.

Anyways, SiteHoppin was launched on January 1st, 2008.  It’s getting to its anniversary soon so I’ve been spending more time fixing stuff.  Plus, I think this SiteHoppin site is a hidden jem on the internet.  It’s a site that lets you check out random sites in the domain search engine database too.

You will notice the SiteHoppin button on this blog on the upper-right corner.  If you press it, it will basically let you “site hop” and other sites I have visited in the past.  (I intend to sell this randomizing technology for large companies in the near future so randomizing can be outsourced to SiteHoppin instead of taking up MySQL processing power on your server.  This is really great for large sites where randomizing can be very costly.)

I have just started developing SiteHoppin again as of couple days ago so there’s a LOT of fixing/bugs/upgrades that need to be done.

While that’s being done, don’t hesistate to press that “SiteHoppin” button to find out what it’s all about.

I’ve been giving out free Beer Credits, so if you want some, all you have to do is sign up and we will hook you up. =)


Your Web 2.0+ Consultant, Max

4 Responses to SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

  1. Am trying it straightaway! It is kinda funky in a StumbleUpon kinda way, especiallly for big sites with loads of awesome content (like yours), that sometimes sits and gathers dust in the archives. This delivers interesting information in a russian roulettish kinda way. I like it!

  2. Nicole Price says:

    Yes, I remember your enthusiasm earlier this year. Good that you are reviving the project. I am decidedlly not a beer person so, I shall take a rain check on that but, I look forward to the relaunch of sitehopping.

  3. Payperbiz says:

    Hi there! It’s nice to know that another search engine exists in the web universe. Just a query here. I tried to search for some of my favorite sites over site hoppin but unfortunately, it failed to bring about results.

  4. max says:

    Lol, yeah I will need to make some changes about that, it’s all still under construction really, you should really try the SH Toolbar though.

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