Computer Hack – How to build a Mineral Oil computer

This is one of those How To videos that blows my mind! How does this work? Why? Why is it so freaking cool.

I want a wet computer.

What the heck? Can someone tell me how this works?

3 Responses to Computer Hack – How to build a Mineral Oil computer

  1. Foxy Fashion says:

    Nice vid, but I wouldn’t have mind a bit more explanation. For example, is the CPU cooled this way? or is it just for show and will it burn after running 5 hours?

  2. Lindsay says:

    So I dont know if this changes anything, but i do know mineral oil is a lubricant… and i can imagine that it wont effect the computer a significant amount… it might slow it down a very small amount. As for keeping it cool… its not water, so its not evaporating, it will most likely heat up with the computer and the computer should not run for long periods of time. Mineral oil is not really flammable, but there would probably be damage caused to the computer if there is too much heat.

  3. Robert says:

    Well if you guys would go to the website you could see all the information you wanted…

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