Zedomax Celebrates Thanksgiving!

Yey, I am up early today and today’s thanksgiving, time to celebrate and be thankful for everything that has happened including just the fact that you are alive.

I want to shout out to our current blogger Andrew, who has been helping me out while I am converting all the blogs in the network to “blog search engine”.  Well, I will also have updated version of the Zedomax Search Engine WordPress Theme available free of charge.  (The current version has some bugs and I need to fix some CSS for IE6)

I am also planning a Pro-version of the Blog Search Engine Theme that not only includes the theme itself, I will include an E-book called, “Search“.  Basically, it’s all the secrets that I didn’t put in the free theme that’s on the E-book.

Here’s some of the features included:

1. Ability for people to vote on blog posts like digg.  (Simplified version)

2. Search engine features that can show your readers recent and popular searches.

3. SEO optimized blog that includes all the “right” plugins you need.  (I’ve realized that a WordPress blog is nothing without having the right plugins, similar to having a stock Nissan-Z versus a Nissan-Z equipped with high perfomance clutch, intake, turbo, etc…etc…)

4. How search-oriented blog theme will help you make more money and grow web traffic faster.

5. Okay, enough business, Happy Thanksgivin’!

Basically, this new E-book will have all the information you will need to build a blog search engine, all the plugins you need, including how to hire bloggers, explanation of how search-oriented people tend to click on ads more, AND the secrets behind Google’s marketing.  I think I just figured out how to maximize your Adsense income, you can watch my video here.  (But that’s just the tip of the iceburg, I’ve got so many ideas in my bag, THAT will be in the E-book and the WordPress Theme I will be selling)

I figured I need to actually charge people for the good stuff, otherwise no one will care.  That’s the only reason I am selling it, valued knowledge people can appreciate.

If anyone has any connections with major publishers, please send me an e-mail at zedomax [at] gmail.com since I am really planning to get this E-book published for real and have them available at your local Borders and Barnes & Noble.

Anyways, I am really tired this week and hopefully I will get all that blog search engine thang down by next week and get on the blogging-wagon again.

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