Zedomax Blog Search Engine Update!

I’ve been so lately that I’ve hired Andrew, one of our network bloggers to do blog posts since last couple days ago.  (Yes, I will have to update who writes the post, I forgot to add that during the WordPress Theme change.)

Anyways, I have been busy but I will hopefully come back to full-time blogging soon.

The latest update on the Zedomax Blog Search Engine includes recent searches and popular searches so you can check out what other people are “searching” for.

If you want to copy me (if there’s enough comments), I will have to soon write another DIY on how to make your own blog search engine and what plugins to use.

I gotta go again and start converting the rest of the blogs in the Zedomax Blog Search Engine Network so…

C ya~ 🙂

One Response to Zedomax Blog Search Engine Update!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Congratulations! This clearly indicates that you are moving up in life!

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