Holiday Shopping DIY – How to Buy a Diamond Ring!

I’ve actually bought a ring recently and had this great conversation with one of the retail shop owners, who told me about how to buy a ring.  Anyways, without a doubt, I am sure a lot of you will be buying a ring this holiday season for your loved one whether that’s for poppin’ the question or anniversary.

Most people think about “carats” and how big the diamond is but the real story you need to know is slightly different so I’ve written the DIY on how to buy the diamond ring over at our RingOBlog but here an excerpt:

In all, here’s the 3 most important questions you must ask the retailer when buying a diamond ring:

1. What is the Color of the ring?

2. What is the Clarity of the ring?

3. What is the Carats of the ring?

Once you’ve got these 3 specs down, then you can check out 3-5 retail shops and then also check out online shops.

The retail shops are great for actually comparing the differences between color and clarity of the rings in general.

As a general rule, most impure diamonds will reflect less and as for color, you will see more “rainbow” style reflections on rings that are more colored.  (or less colorless)

I’ve actually bought mine at a retail shop and couple more things to remember:

You should ask the retailer “where” do they get their diamonds certified.  Sometimes, retailers will certify their own diamonds, which means as a consumer, you are basically buying something you don’t know if it’s rated correctly or not.

However, if the diamonds are certified by independent certification company, that’s probably a lot better and trustworthy as far as buying the diamond goes.

I hope this helps you shop for diamond rings “smarter” and plus, this extra knowledge will allow you to leverage better prices on the rings itself when negotiating.

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  1. sarah says:

    i want to know where you got that ring in front of your article. i saw that ring and fell in love with it but i cant find where it is sold anywhere. you have any ideas?

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