Livingroom DIY – How to Make a Cool Pillow with Custom Trim!

If you need some ideas for DIY pillows, here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make a cool pillow with custom trim!

If you want to give an old pillow of yours a makeover then we have just the right post for you. At Instructables, there is a post on how to make a pillow with corded trim and you can read the entire thing here.

Some excerpts:
step 1 Getting your fabric ready
Lay out your material and cut the size pillow you would like. For example mine is 18×15 inches. Don’t forget to leave a half inch or more for your seam allowance.

step 2 Getting your cording ready
Measure all 4 sides of the pillow for the length of strips and cording and allow a little extra, add them together plus an extra 2 inches. Cut 2 inch strips for cording, …

step 3 Sewing your cording
I like to baste (using a long stitch length) my cording into the strips before sewing them into my pillow. It just makes it easier.

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