Digital Picture Frame DIY – How to Pick the Right Photos!

It’s one thing to buy a digital photo frame and another to place your best pictures on it.

Here’s some great advice on how to pick the right photos for your new digital picture frame:

First, use a photo management system to help keep track of all your photos. You can find some good suggestions on what type of system to use in this previous post here at the GiiNii blog.

Once you have all your photos in order, go about picking one or two shots from each set of photos. Take a photo or two from that fun night out, one from your birthday party, a few from the latest family trip. Mix in a couple from friends. Spice it up with some of your favorite nature snaps. The key is variety.

Many just put whole series of photos from the same night or event on their frames, and the lack of variety soon grows old. If you mix up the pictures, you are more likely to enjoy the outcome a little more.

Plus, with a good variety, the frame becomes a better talking point with guests. Instead of just sitting through a vacation slideshow, guests have a chance to see all kinds of memories. It will get people talking.

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