RobotFoot – DIY Soccer/Football/Foosball Robot!


People call soccer Football of Foosball in other countries other than the U.S. (which is totally wrong in my opinion, call me a biased Asian American).

Regardless of how people in this world like to call soccer, here’s a really cool soccer robot that’s going to make you jump out of your socks.

Robofoot ÉPM is a student initiative whose vocation is to develop multi-robot systems which can play soccer. The project’s main objective is to win the RoboCup in the Middle-Size League.  Robofoot will be the first Canadian team in this league!

via hackedgadgets

One Response to RobotFoot – DIY Soccer/Football/Foosball Robot!

  1. fun info says:

    One thing for sure, there’s no yellow or red card on soccer robot.

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