Food Hack – How to Make White Castle Burgers!

I remember the first time I heard about White Castle Burgers down in southern California from one of my co-workers when I used to work at Comfile.

Anyways, I used to buy tons of White Castle Burgers since now they have them for sale at local Lucky’s supermarkets.

Here’s a good attempt at making these cool burgers yourself.  Good thing I just bought an iron cast skillet pan from Amazon, I will have to try this for sure this weekend.

Set your dowels down on your counter at about the max width of your rolling pin. and then place one long piece of wax paper between and over your dowels. toss your beaten meat in between the dowels and on top of that wax paper ( try and spread it out a little so its not one giant beaten meat pile in the middle) toss another piece of wax paper over the top. get out the trusty rolling pin and start rolling making sure that the rolling pin stays on top of the dowels as you roll you may need to adjust the top piece of wax paper. you should wind up with a big somewhat square sheet of beaten meat, now all you need to do is peel off the top wax paper, slide the dowels out and run your pizza cutter across your meat in straight lines(forming squares) and you are ready to hit the frying pan!


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