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One of my favorite books is “Click” by Bill Tancer, it’s a book about how millions of people are clicking and why it matters.  Of course, I’ve devised my own plans on how millions of people are clicking and how to make them click 2-3 times more. (I will have a blog post on that too on my Adsense Optimization blog soon.)

Anyways, in the book Click, Bill Tancer goes into details about how people like to search “how to xxx” on Google and other search engines.  This is really common sense and search engines should evolve to answer questions based on “how to” do something.

That’s also another reason for my new search engine theme, to let people search for “how to” articles instead of simply reading the homepage.

The most fun part about this search technology and how it’s evolving is the fact that none of this you can learn by getting a degree in Computer Engineering (which what I did).  But I will tell you one thing though, in 5-10 years, all this SEO and search engine crap will be in computer science textbooks.  (I hope to write one someday)

To make your site more popular, simply add more “how to” articles to your site, that’s what WonderHowTo did. (And also advertise on related howto sites like this one.)

Here’s an excerpt from WonderHowTo’s CEO Stephen Chao himself:

My particular view is that video will rival (and possibly overshadow) text some day, not because I have any rational stats to back up my hunch, but mostly because I feel like ‘watching’ the answer to many HowTo queries rather than reading them. That is as much science as I care to impose on the debate. But remember, we are in the first inning of the internet-video game: the next eight innings will define the outcome.

Does the HowTo space warrant a dedicated search engine? Or will Google per se organize the great results of HowTo space? Great as this company is, Google cannot aspire to be all things to all people.  AltSearchEngines observes this truth every day. Niche search engines are permanent additions to the internet landscape. In the how-to space there are many Balkan Republics, which makes the task of organizing this ’space’ inherently challenging, and a great opportunity for a company like ours.

The funniest thing about this blog post itself?  (is that it’s a how to article…and it’s true, I just told you the secret to making your site more popular with simple wisdom that’s already been backed by people like Stephen Chao and Bill Tancer)

BTW, I love your book Bill, it gave a good overview of how I should run my blog business.

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