Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

Bedzine Blog Search Engine has been launched today and I had to work (or play,hack, whatever) for the last 24 hours w/o sleep.

The main reason I am spending so much on this new blog search engine idea is the fact that it can help readers find what they “want”, not simply the latest blog posts on the home page.

Of course, our web stats been hitting the roof last couple days too, mainly due to people “searching” after landing on a blog post they are not interested in.

I will probably doing this to more of our blogs in the network and also probably provide custom integration services to those of you who want it but don’t have the skillz to implement this new feature.

I am really stuffed with a few client consultings right now but if you want this feature implemented to your blog theme “seamlessly’ by the inventor myself, please leave a coment or send an e-mail to zedomax [at] and I will put you on my priority list of people who can take advantage of the new Web 3.0 (we’d like to say) style blogs.

Of course, I won’t charge much for the service, maybe $200 to $300 depending on your current blog theme and also provide free upgrades on the various different improvements that will be coming down the road.

If you are tech savvy though, I do highly suggest you to download my free WordPress theme, which I just implemented on the Bedzine Blog.

(I have also uploaded to the WordPress Theme section, so you should be able to download it through there soon.)

I’ve also have some great ideas on for advertisers on my new blog search engine, so if you are interested, make sure to shoot me an e-mail at zedomax [at]

We are only exclusively offering to this service and new advertising programs to the first-comers and quality blogs so, get on the waiting list before I die from working too much. 🙂

Blog posts will continue hopefully by end of the week, if you want to guest post during the next couple days, please feel free to send me any blog posts related with DIY, Hacks, and HOWTOs with photos.

I am also working on new AJAX search function, which will allow search results to show without page re-load in the future.  That I might sell as I have been putting hours of work into it but let me know what you think I should do.

2 Responses to Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

  1. Making another site with a similar type of search layout is a great way to keep people from having to deal with different displays. People can then get used to the orange color and rounded corners, and remember them as being part of connected sites. Releasing this blog search engine service can be quite useful for individuals that had been wanting to build up their site with a solid search addition.

  2. max says:

    Yes, great idea, all about branding and we have discovered a brand new way to market and bring more web traffic to blogs while providing the end-user a better site that they can “search” for what they want.

    Yes, I might keep doing that for sheezy, one site theme for everything. (or at least matching colors and whatnot)

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