Zedomax Blog “Search Engine Style” WordPress Theme v.0.1 Available!

Yey, I finally made a WordPress theme available for people to download.  (I have made tons of them in the past but never realized that it could be helpful for others)

This WordPress theme is the one I used like yesterday. (I already developed a 3-column version of it that you see now)

Anyway, I had to pretty much water the theme down as much as possible so you can customize it to your liking.

This theme will help your blog to get more visitors and also help the visitors FIND stuff over traditional blog layouts.  I’ve been watching over last 24 hours how many more people “search” on this blog, simply due to the fact that I have emphasized search more.

You can DOWNLOAD it here.

2 Responses to Zedomax Blog “Search Engine Style” WordPress Theme v.0.1 Available!

  1. Sencecoadamic says:

    i want to share my free wordpress theme here.



  2. max says:

    Nice theme buddy, I will make a blog post soon for you.

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