Re-cap of Laptop/Netbook Hacks!

Well, there’s been a lot of laptop/netbook hacks we’ve been covering over at our brother blog, LaptopPimp, here’s a re-cap of the latest ones you might be interested in:

How to Make your Acer Aspire or Eee PC into a Touchscreen Device – This shows you how easily you can make your netbook into a touchscreen with a $90 eBay kit.

How to Install Eee PC on your car dashboard – That’s right, someone hacked their Eee PC into their dashboard.

How to install GPS unit seamlessly into your Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Yes, you can easily utilize the extra compartment space inside the Mini 9 to have GPS embedded.

How to get 20% off on any online Laptop/Netbook purchases – This hack makes use of Microsoft’s cashback program and Live search to give you guaranteed discounts on new online purchases.

How to get Windows XP to work faster on Netbooks with SSDs – SSDs have been known to cause freezing with Windows XP, here’s how to fix that problem.

How to run Mac OS-X on your Dell Mini 9 – Yey, someone figured out a way to convert Dell Mini 9 into a mini MacBook.

30 cool Acer Aspire Hacks – There’s a slew of great hacks for your Acer Aspire here.

How to Make a Floppy Disk Bag – This one is funny more than anything.

PS3 Laptop is cool.

How to turn a broken laptop into a mamebook cocktail!

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  1. Can I just send my laptop to you and have all of these installed on it. Ha. I want a hack to have internet on my laptop anywhere in the US any suggestions?

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