New Design for Zedomax WordPress Theme!

Here’s my new Web3.0 design for Zedomax’s new WordPress Theme.  Well, it looks kinda crude since I put it on my kitchen whiteboard but I will let update with HOWTOs and the theme available for free download when I am done.

Basically, I will be redesigning the site to be more like a search engine.  Since has a LOT of information but it’s hard to search, I will make a custom WordPress image search.  That would be fun hey?

I have been noticing how many new RSS subscribers HackNmod guys are getting, (and I am joulous) I think it’s due to their content layout and easy navigation.

Anyways, I might be a little slow on blog posts over the next couple days, Zedomax will be back with a fresh new Web 3.0 search engine style blog. 🙂

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