Ikea Hack – How to Make a Bike Rack (or Pole)

Most of us think that bike racks mostly consist of a garage hanger and you’d hang your bike on the ceiling.

But, here’s a really innovative IKEA hack that uses IKEA parts to make a Bike Rack Pole that wills stand vertically while letting you keep 2-3 bikes.

he says, “there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations in function/style and price. i wanted to get 2 bikes on a wall in my apartment.

all you need to get from ikea is one stolmen post, two brackets and four hooks. you’ll also need some screws and some aluminium 20x20mm square pipe, maybe some foam rubber.

1. cut two pieces of the square pipe; choose the length depending on the design of your bike frame.
2. drill 3 holes into the pieces of square pipes.
3. screw a hook on each end of the pipe; screw the pipe to the bracket.
4. now you can mount the stolmen post and adjust the two brackets on it.
5. finally glue some of the rubber foam to the hooks to not scratch the bike frame.

via ikeahacker

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  1. I think I just might buy on of those instead, you know it is the whole time vs money thing. Bikes are just annoying to have because they are so awkward to store.

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