DIY – How to Make Solid States Drives with SD Flash Cards!

Here’s an idea I had been thinking of before, getting together bunch of 16GB SD cards and making a Solid State Drive.

Apparently, a company in Germany has made this type of device available already, what a great idea:

With the Flexi-Drive S2S we introduce a flexible adjustable memory solution.

Simply insert the desired number of SDHC cards (max. 6) into the Flexi-Drive’s slots. The card’s individual memory capacities merge into one and are available as a single drive then.

Benefit from this flexible, convenient memory solution that can be used as a normal 2.5″ SATA HDD providing the advantages of a SSD: no noise emission, low power consumption and shock resistance.

via icrontic

2 Responses to DIY – How to Make Solid States Drives with SD Flash Cards!

  1. This concept has some merit to it, and a similar idea may currently be on the way to release. The use of multiple components that are connected together appears to be the current trend, as CPUs and video cards are increasing in amount of cores with each new iteration.

  2. jason says:

    good idea ,but now we can just conbine all NAND chips into one PC Board.

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