Top 5 Features to Look for When Buying a Digital Photo Frame!

(GiiNii 8″ DS Ulta Thin Digital Photo Frame Pictured Above)

Features. features, features!  That’s what you need to focus on when you buy a digital photo frame and we have Top 5 features you need to look for when buying your next digital photo frame:

1: WiFi

The newest trend in digital photo frames is WiFi support. And while you don’t need WiFi to enjoy your photos, it’s definitely the way of the future. WiFi allows your frame to access your home network, or any other open wireless network, and stream photos from an online service or your home computer.

2: Audio

Most frames these days come with audio playback, which allows you to load MP3 or other song files onto the frame. Once the songs are on the frame, speakers built in to the frame can play the songs along with your photos, making nice slideshow presentations

3: Video

Because more and more digital cameras — from point and shoot cameras to SLRs — are including video recording options, it’s important to think about video playback when shopping for a frame. If you do use your camera for video, you will want a frame with playback so you can share the memories with everyone.

4: Display Size

You might want a huge display for that bare wall or a small display to save space on your desk or bedside table. Digital frames come in all shapes and sizes these days. And, depending on hte function you want your frame to perform, you might want big, but you might want small.

5: Management System

Frames these days are basically small computers, and some of them can be hard to figure out and use. That’s why knowing a little about how the management system of your frame works can help out a lot when deciding to buy a new frame.

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