Microsoft Windows 3.X Officially Retired!

Microsoft Windows v.3.x has officially been retired.  Wait, I thought it was retired 10 years ago? Lol, I hope no one is using Windows v.3.x or WIn98 for that matter.

Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life.

On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US.

The various versions of Windows 3.x (including 3.11) released in the early 1990s, were the first of Microsoft’s graphical user interfaces to win huge worldwide success.

They helped Microsoft establish itself and set the trend for how it makes its revenues, and what drives the company until the present day.

via bbc

One Response to Microsoft Windows 3.X Officially Retired!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Thank God that I can skip Vista and go directly to the Windows 7!

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