RGS says No on Prop 8, so does Zedomax!

I’ve been seeing these weird ProtectMarriage Google ads flooding all of my blogs, really annoying the heck out of me as I’d like to see more “related” ads people would click on, not some biased political campaign ads.  (I had to block their ads, it was simply getting way too annoying to my readers, apart from the fact that it’s already highly biased and discriminate against a type of people in SF.)

Well, anyways, I’ve noticed that one of our blogger friends RGS has written about No on Prop 8, I have to highly agree.

I won’t go into details but if you want to learn more about Prop 8 and how it will affect freedom of speech and human rights, you can read more about it on my Adsense Optimization Blog.

If you want to help us fight this bs, please write a blog post linking to this and RGS’s post.  (There, that’s my 2 cents of support to the community for FREEDOM!)

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