Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Computer Table with Galvanized Pipes!

If you are a plumber or simply have a LOT of extra galvanized pipe parts laying inside your garage, you might want to consider making a cool computer table with those extra parts.  Just remember, the galvanized pipes do have leftover resin and oil so you don’t want to build this for your kids, maybe as an extra table in your lonely garage where you can play poker with friends.

Rory connected inexpensive black pipes from Home Depot in an simply designed desk and coffee table. We loved the thin-diameter pipes he used which made the pieces look elegant, and their well thought-out design. The desktops are reclaimed walnut which add to their rough industrial look. He and Jen, Oat’s co-founder and creative director, had the pipes cut to length and then screwed them together themselves. This would be a great look for desk in a home office, or a coffee table customized to a odd-sized space.

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