Food Hack – How to Make Maple Syrup/Wine with Maple Trees!

If you are a typical American, you will need to learn to appreciate how real maple syrup is made.  I had a facinating time while reading this DIY on how to make maple syrup/wine from real maple trees.

It’s as simple as draining the maple water from the maple tree then boiling it until you get your nice maple syrup.  Yes, this can be great food-enhancer whenever you are eating pancakes, French toasts, etc…etc…

If you have even 1 maple tree in your backyard, we highly suggest you to make at least one cup of maple syrup and try it on your breakfast.

We use a commercial “Sap Sack” to collect the sap after trying many on hand methods that are more pain than fun. These work very well and hold about 3 gallons of sap.

The sap starts to run as soon as above freezing days occur and stops if it stays above freezing for more than a day. It also stops at night when it freezes but then resumes in the morning if it warms up again.

The sap is simply water containing about 3% sugar that was produced by the leaves in Fall and stored in the roots. In Spring this sugar is required by the new buds for development. When the new leaves start photosynthesizing and producing sugar, the flow stops completely.

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