Firefox Hits Record Market Share at 20%!

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Yey, my favorite Firefox browser hits record market share of 20%!  Although still far aways from taking over IE, it’s far better than 4-5% couple years ago when Firefox started becoming more and more popular among U.S. users.  (Btw, Asian users still rely on IE mostly, due to the fact that most of their online credit card systems work exclusively with IE’s encryption technology.  I have been one of those users in South Korea where almost every bank website requires you to use IE.)

Here’s a funny story though.  I happened to be helping one of my friends build his business in San Francisco.  When I first checked out his computers, I installed Firefox since the IE7 was so damn freakin’ slow.  Well, after couple weeks when I checked back with him, he told me his computer got faster after I installed Firefox.  Lol…yes Firefox is much faster, especially on the new Vista systems where IE7 will just fall apart after awhile.

On the side note, Chrome is steadily increasing its market share too, a great thing to have more browsers competing for consumers’ throats.

Internet Explorer (IE) dropped from 71.52% to 71.27%, according to Net Applications, and remains the software with the fastest declining market share among a group of the six most used browsers. Since the beginning of this year, IE lost 4.2 points, while Firefox gained 2.99 points, Apple Safari 0.75 points, Opera 0.13 points and Google’s Chrome 0.74 points.

The only other browsers that gained market share between September and October was Opera, which jumped from 0.69% to 0.75%. Apple’s Safari dropped slightly from 6.65 to 6.57%, Chrome from 0.78% to 0.74% and Netscape from 0.63% to 0.45%, according to Net Applications.

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  1. FF is awesome and I don’t doubt one bit that they have gained huge market share, no only if chrome allowed extensions and plugins it might be the next to compete. Somehow I think Chrome is being setup to cram lots of google ads into their own browser down the road.

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