YouTube Hack – How to Control YouTube Video Speed!

Wow, I have been looking for something like this a long time, a YouTube speed controller that lets you slow down or speed up the YouTube videos.

I find this utility awesome for analyzing golf swings in slow motion or simply skipping to a certain section of the video a lot faster.

It’s a free plugin that will work on most browsers including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You can download it HERE and try it yourself.

With MySpeed you can:

  • Change the playback speed of YouTube Videos dynamically!
    (and any other Flash Video)
  • Watch more videos in less time with speed-up
  • Understand and Transcribe complex material with slow-down.
  • Increase learning with lower frustration
  • It’s Free!! (for a limited time)
  • via dailygyan

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    1. Da brush says:

      It’s useless unless you are a DJ 😉

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