Intel Core i7 Rave and Reviews!

Well, it’s a miracle that Intel keeps on making faster better chips, this time with the Core i7.

In short, the Intel Core i7 features QuickPath interface instead of the traditional Front Side Bus (FSB), on-processor memory controller for faster CPU-to-memory access, support for DDR3 memory modules, re-implemented hyper-threading that uses 4 CPU cores as software-version 8 cores, 8MB L3 Cache, and 731 MILLION transistors!

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3 Responses to Intel Core i7 Rave and Reviews!

  1. Intel had to come up with faster cores. It was taking Windows too long to crash with the old cores.

  2. Nicole Price says:

    What a company. I can’t think of any other to have been as aggressively innovative as Intel.

  3. fun info says:

    Giant leap from Intel must be followed by AMD, just wait for AMD’s answers.

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