DIY – How to Make a Wall Clock from Recycled Harddrives!

Remember the DIY Harddisk Clock?  Well, here’s another cool wall clock made from recycled harddrives.(or harddisks)

step 1
Materials and Tools Needed
Tools that you will need for this project are: 1. Drill – I would suggest small DREMEL type drill with bench press. 2. Some Drill bits 3. Kit of Screwdrivers, type and ga…

step 2
Disassembling Hard Drives
First of all you have to undo screws as shown in picture below, after that you’ll be able to remove one or two shiny disks (platters) and some thick aluminum washers. Unde…

step 3
First of all you have to assemble solid base, for this I have chosen to use Hard Drive Motors. Join the motors as shown in the pictures to form desired shape of your clock.…

step 4
Fitting Quartz Clock Movement
To attach QUARTZ CLOCK MOVEMENT I have used hot glue. Of course before sticking anything into place you have to measure things accordingly. I have also sprayed quartz move…

step 5

Finishing Touches and setting TIME
The last thing you have to do is attach clock arms and set the TIME 🙂 DONE !

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