Consumer DIY – How to Choose a Digital Photo Frame!

Whether you are buying a keychain digital photo frame or an 8″ digital frame, you really need to know how to choose a digital photo frame.  Our GiiNii blogger David Allen (He’s also blogged on Zedomax before) has a great tips on how to choose your very first digital photo frame:

There is also what the frames purpose will be, is it going to be used to display single images or would you be more creative and run a slideshow with a music track playing in the background, this is the potential of a new digital photo frame. However, there is no need to worry because as with most technology it gets easier the more often it is used.

When it comes to images, you may notice that sometime the images displayed some digital photo frames do not fill up the screen, this is because most photos use the 4:3 ratio, which is why a display screen, which is the same, will show your photos in the best possible way.

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    Good advise. Thank you.

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