Photography DIY – How to Compose and Crop Photos!

Are you an avid photographer that lacks professional photographer skills?  Well, one of our bloggers Andrew Nealon at our GiiNii blog has create a simple “How to Compose and Crop Photos” blog post so you can learn the basics of digital photography.

When composing a photo, the photographer has two opportunities: the first while taking a picture and the second, while using a computer to touch up the photos.

When you line up a shot, try to use the most basic photography technique out there, the rule of thirds. A basic rule of thumb, the rule of thirds aims to break down an image into nine parts. When a photo follows the rule of thirds, we generally like what we see more than if the photo breaks the rule. Basically, you want to imagine four lines intersecting on your photos, cutting the image into thirds, like this:

via Digital Photo Frame DIY Blog

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