Re-cap of LaptopPimp and Laptop Reviews!

I have been covering a lot of netbooks over at our Laptop Blog, so here’s a re-cap of what went around the laptop world last week or so:

Samsung NC10 Netbook is available now on Amazon, it’s probably been awhile last time Samsung sold any laptops in the U.S. but netbooks must be something they are really rooting for.

Wifi HAVA HDTV unit can let you watch your HDTV from anywhere via WiFi and broadband connection.  That means no more paying for hotel TV!

ASUS Eee PC 1000HA is available on Amazon, this is probably the best netbook for the price out there today.  There’s also Eee PC 1000HD which comes with Linux instead of Windows XP but I still would go with the 1000HA because of its 160GB storage.

Windows 7 can obviously run pretty well on laptops.  Of course, don’t miss out on our Windows 7 review.

Read Dell Mini 12 rumors and reviews to find out what Dell has been working on behind the scenes lately.

HP is also working on their new HP Mini 1000 behind the scenes so watch out for that.

DIY Coat Hanger Laptop Stand is a classic DIY you can do in 5 minutes or less.

Here’s another cool Eee PC DIY that you can learn to install an Eee PC in your car.

MSI Wind 120 is also coming soon.

Well, there’s too much great laptop information to cover in this post, if you want more, go to Laptop Pimp Blog today!

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  1. Da brush says:

    The NC10 seems to be very interesting, laptopmag reviewed it and reported nearly 10H of battery life.

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