Life Hack – How to Save Time using Mobile Internet and GoogleMaps!

Last night, I was cooking some great sirloin beef that I bought at Costco the other day.  And of course, the sourdough bread I bought 2 weeks ago was too hard to eat.  (I could have wacked someone in the head with the hard sourdough bread and killed him/her.)

Anyways, in order to search for a solution for my too-hard, outdated San Francisco’s genuine sourdough bread, I immediately launched my Opera Mini browser on my Blackberry in my kitchen.

Upon enter “How to revive bread” on Google, I immediately found couple articles and one told me to soak bread in water and put it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Well, it turns out I did “revive” my sourdough bread and was able to cook a full meal.

The point of story?

Mobile internet is helping each and every individual who use it.  Of course, I could have simply went into my livingroom and search on Google but the point is that I didn’t need to and all that “information” I needed was right there in the palm of my hands, my Internet-enabled Blackberry.

If that doesn’t convince you, I can give you another story from the other day when I was helping my friend move stuff.

I was supposed to follow his car to his house but I got lost while on the Bay Bridge.  Well, I was lucky that I had saved his home location as Favorites on my GoogleMaps (on my Blackberry).

I simply asked GoogleMaps to find the best direction from Bay Bridge (Current location using GPS) to his house and that did save me the headache of getting lost.

The day before, I was in Pier 39 in San Francisco, I needed to get some water but I didn’t want to get ripped off by buying water from one of the tourist shops.  I simply looked up “liquor store” and walked to the liquor store about 3 blocks away.  I saved about a dollar and also noted the liquor store for future visits to Pier 39.

That’s just 3 examples of how mobile internet could save you time and money while on the go.  If I hadn’t had those tools on my Blackberry, it would have probably cost me a lot more time.

Are you using the power of internet to make your efficient?

If not, you should really try getting a Blackberry, iPhone, the G1 Phone, they can all help you get there faster.

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