Gadgets that don’t work – HairMax LaserComb doesn’t cure your Baldness!

Today, I was sitting down on my toilet to read the latest Wired magazine I had sitting around for couple days.  In the back, I’ve noticed an ad about HairMax, a Laser-activated comb gadget that supposedly helps the re-growth of your hair.  I just wondered how many of these the company was selling with that ad spot in the back of Wired magazine.

Well, it turns out that I just stumbled onto CNet’s Dong Ngo’s post about the HairMax LaserComb and how it doesn’t work well at all.

So just to warn you people who are insecure about your baldness, you don’t need a HairMax, especially at its ridiculous price of $545.

I’ve even seen a TV show last night about some Asian country that uses cow’s saliva to regrow hair folicles.

Anyways, your confidence is probably more important than how you look, let’s not forget that real people have real character, and that comes from something other than hair folicles, having a great heart. (like me hehe…)

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  1. Hairmax laser comb is something debatable. I have heard people saying 'good' and some others saying 'useless'. It price has dropped recently, Amazon is selling at $470 only. Those who are desparate in regrowing hair might want to try.

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